Why You Should Rent Medical Devices

Tough times, as the popular saying goes, don’t last, but tough people do! If you or your loved one is recovering from a surgery or a health condition that requires medical care at home, access to the right medical device is the top priority.

From a wheelchair to an oxygen tank, high-quality medical devices help in improving quality of life as you or your loved one recover at home.

When you are looking for medical devices for home healthcare, one of the key questions you are faced with is ‘should I buy or rent medical devices?’

Here are the pros of renting a medical device for home use:

The cost advantage

Renting a medical device helps you save on the upfront investment costs that are typically steep. For instance, with the rise in Covid-19 cases, there is a sharp increase in demand for oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders for home use. A five-litre oxygen concentrator can typically cost Rs 52640/- while portable ones can cost up to Rs. 3.5 lacs. The monthly rental price for this device is Rs 4700 on an average.

No hassles of maintenance

Specialized medical equipment such as CPAP machines used for sleep apnea or ICU equipment requires special care and ongoing maintenance. You would need to invest a lot of time and effort in getting the equipment serviced. When you rent a medical device, the maintenance responsibility lies with the medical devices rental company. They can not only provide a timely replacement in case of a device failure, but they can also fix it in quick time as required. The cost of maintenance is typically included in the rental charges.

Avoid resale value related loss


If you buy a medical device, the resale value maybe 35 to 40 per cent of its original price even if it has been used only for a month. When you expect to use the device for a short time, a smarter choice is to rent the device to avoid the loss that you incur due to its low resale value.

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