• Features :

  • Piston Driven vacuum pump assures steam free and lubrication free, which prevents bacterial contamination
  • Hand  Switch and Foot  Switch for operating easily
  • Vacuum adjustable system can be adjusted according to using

Bottle Piston Type Suction Machin

₹15,999.00 Regular Price
₹9,599.40Sale Price
  • Product info

    • The 7a-23d models of electrical suction apparatus run silent,durable. Oil-free piston pumps for zero maintenance
    • White plastic panels used for construction of the body look very elegant and allow easy cleaning
    • Two glass jars of 2.5 L each provide ample capacity for any type of surgery. The come with high quality self-locking rubber caps. Over-flow protection is provided in both the jars
    • A foot-switch is provided as standed accessory with each suction unit. The suction apparatuses maintain negative pressure even if power is cut-off. This prevents re-gorging of fluids in the even of a power failure
  • Delivery Info

    1. Delivery time is 5 days. 
    2. *Instant delivery available upon request at an additional ₹300 per delivery and liable for upto 2 products.


  • Return & Refund

    1. Refund is only possible if the given product has an intrinsic default concerning with the working of the machine. 
    2. Any minor dent/deformity caused as a result of inappropriate handelling will not be taken back as defected/unusable.
    3. After the sold product reaches the delivery site. The customer must inform us about any issue with the machine within first 10 days. 


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