• Auto BiPAP, fixed BiPAP and fixed CPAP the therapy modes
  • Adjustable pressure support (PS): PS min-PS max
  • Bi-Flex comfort, C-Flex and C-Flex+
  • Advanced respiratory event detection
  • Mask fit check
  • On-board memory
  • Detailed compliance report
  • Oximetry module to monitor the therapy efficacy
  • Benefits:
  • Daily progress feedback displays a simple trend of patients nightly use to help track progress on the path to adherence
  • EZ-Start : Automatic, personalized adjustments to CPAP pressure can help patients gradually acclimate to their prescribed level of the therapy
  • Connectivity and remote monitoring options including a standard integrated bluetooth module
  • Performance check simplifies in-home device evaluation for easy remote troubleshooting
  • Patient data management through detailed compliance and waveform reports

Philips Dream Station BiPAP Automatic

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  • Product info

    DreamStation positive airway pressure (PAP) sleep therapy devices are designed to be as comfortable and easy to experience as sleep is intended to be. Connecting patients and care teams, DreamStation devices empower users to embrace their care with confidence, and enable care teams to practice efficient and effective patient management.

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